6 Stunning Web Design Trends for 2022

by | May 16, 2022 | Web Design

Find Out What Web Design Trends are Different This Year

In this blog, Word Nerd Creative Content & Design highlights some of the most noteworthy trends in web design for 2022. We’ll cover:

At 32 years old, the modern internet has come far from the Microsoft Word-style webpages that used to comprise the digital realm. Today, websites are incredibly robust, featuring interactive elements and dazzling user experiences that Berners-Lee could only dream of creating back in 1989.

But as we enter 2022, web designers are harkening back to their old-school roots to welcome in a new era of internet browsing that’s sophisticated yet scaled back. Read on to find out what you can expect to change in the world of web design this year!

Top 5 Web Design Trends Taking Over in 2022

#1 – Reduced Imagery

Gone are the days of relying on photographs and illustrations in hero sections and landing pages. While hero images can be impactful, sometimes they can take over the message and distract from the user’s experience. Not only that, but image-heavy hero sections take longer to load, increasing your bounce rate and decreasing your rankings on the search engine results page (SERP).

custom built website example

This year, expect to see web designers scale back the hero imagery, instead focusing their attention more on the overall style and content of the site. One of the ways that web designers are foregoing hero imagery without sacrificing on style is by using typography, layout, color, and shape to communicate the essence of a brand. This also helps add more intrigue for users landing on the page, encouraging them to scroll beyond the hero section to explore the rest of your content.

#2 – Responsive Design

Not just a trend for 2022, responsivity is incredibly important for web design as it impacts the entire user experience. The point of responsive web design is to ensure the site not only looks aesthetically appealing, but that it work well across any device. Responsive websites automatically adapt to suit the user’s needs depending on the specific platform they’re using as well as the size of their screen. Especially in today’s hyper-mobile culture, having a responsive website is incredibly important.

example of responsive web design

#3 – Oversized Typography

In line with our previous point, many designers are playing with oversized typography as a way to compensate for lost imagery. When enlarged to a certain size, words can easily become graphic elements rather than simply text on a page. This is an extremely versatile web design trend that can suit many different stylistic preferences, whether they be minimalist or maximalist in nature.

example of oversized typography in web design

Not only are designers making fonts larger, but they’re also finding creative ways to make text more interactive and playful. With today’s no-code web design platforms, it’s much easier for small businesses to create stunning, on-trend websites with interactive elements than it would have been back when the internet was first born. Simply applying a hover-state change to a section header can create enough visual interest to keep site visitors wanting more.

#4 – Collage Illustrations

As web designers seek alternative (read: faster, more user-friendly) ways to illustrate their creativity, many are incorporating collage-style graphics to give their sites a nostalgic yet tactile feel. Collages allow designers to work more strategically with negative space, giving them the opportunity to integrate images without making them the main focus of the entire design.

custom collage example web design

If you’re looking to go the collage-style route with your web design in 2022, be sure to mix up the shapes, patterns, and colors to achieve the best aesthetic impact. Don’t be afraid to play around with placement to help guide the user journey through each page in a surprising and creative way.

#5 – One-Page Websites

Sometimes the best website isn’t one that has 80 pages. Such is the case with the one-page website, which has become increasingly popular in 2022. Rather than relying on the traditional menu-style navigation, one-page websites incorporate “scrollytelling,” telling one story through simple scroll navigation techniques. These type of websites are better suited for narrower subject matter, such as a product launch teaser or portfolio site.

one page web design example

It may be helpful to think of a one-page website as a flyer, poster, or brochure: All of the most important information that your audience needs to know is neatly housed on one page without the distraction of needing to navigate and search for information on multiplate pages.

#6 – Responsible Motion

With scaled back designs taking center stage this year, some web designers may be tempted to go overboard with interactivity. It’s important to remember the principles of responsible motion when designing websites: While movement definitely adds intrigue to a site’s overall experience, it can have just as damaging an impact on users when used excessively. In fact, some users have reported feelings of motion sickness when exposed to overwhelming effects like mouse-triggered scaling, parallax effects, or scroll-jacking.

responsible motion web design

Motion can (and should) be used in subtle ways to enhance the user journey rather than serving as the main focus of the page experience. When used to accentuate rather than as an excuse to show off your design prowess, motion effects can have a positive impact, and even be used as a creative wayfinding technique to help guide visitors to related topics on your website.

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