How Facebook’s Home Feed Update May Impact Business Page Performance

by | Jul 25, 2022 | Social Media Marketing

What Facebook’s Recent Home Feed Makeover Means for Your Page

facebook's home feed updateIn this article, we take a deeper look at Facebook’s home feed update and what it could mean for business pages in the future. Specifically, we cover:

In late July, Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced that Facebook will be getting a whole new look to its home feed. As the platform shifts its approach to facilitate stronger discoverability with its users, Facebook’s home feed update will help serve new content that users otherwise wouldn’t have seen.

There is still much to be determined about how this update will ultimately impact page performance — especially for businesses operating on the platform. However, changes to content distribution have the potential to make dramatic improvements to reach and brand awareness as the home feed update officially rolls out.

understanding facebook's home feed updateWhat’s Happening to Facebook’s Home Feed?

If you haven’t already noticed, Facebook’s home feed is looking a little bit different these days. Rather than the singular newsfeed that users are accustomed to, the new feed features two distinct tabs: Home and Feed. Now, when users open the application, the Home tab will be the first thing that they see. They can then toggle to the Feed tab to view content that they’ve opted into seeing.

The Facebook home feed update makes the user experience much like TikTok’s. Just like on the TikTok platform, Facebook’s all-new Feed tab allows users more easily keep up with posts from their friends and family members by only viewing content from those users. Similarly, the Home tab facilitates stronger discoverability by serving an algorithmically-generated feed of content suggestions based on personalized recommendations.

How Facebook’s New Home Tab May Impact Reach & Discovery

Facebook’s new Home tab creates interesting opportunities for content creators and businesses working to expand their audience on the platform. While previously, users were primarily met with content from a friend or favorite local business, today’s users may see more diverse and personalized content from pages they’ve never interacted with before. This could potentially make it easier for business pages to reach their target audiences — especially if they’re just getting started with building their social media presence.

Ways to Leverage Facebook’s Home Feed Update

While the true impact of Facebook’s home feed update has yet to be realized, there are some ways that page managers can prepare for potential changes to content distribution, including:

facebook's home feed update prioritizes reelsCreate More Reels

Compared to static images and long-form video content, short-form video posts like Reels attract far more engagements. According to a blog post explaining how Facebook’s new Home feed recommends content, the “Home tab is uniquely personalized to [users] through [Facebook’s] machine-learning ranking system.” This means that more engaging content is more likely to be served to users, making Reels creation a wise investment for any social media marketing team.

Use Relevant Hashtags

Facebook uses hashtags much in the same way that Instagram does, allowing users to more easily view closely related content. With the all-new Home tab, hashtag use will likely become increasingly important as Facebook seeks out unique signals to cut through irrelevant content and serve more valuable posts and pages to users. Consider adding hashtags to Facebook posts moving forward to ensure they get the maximum reach.

Monitor Page Insights

As we’ve mentioned throughout this article, Facebook’s home feed update is still in its infancy. Since the true impact is yet to be determined, it will be more critical than ever for social media managers to monitor their page analytics. In particular, page managers should watch for fluctuations in engagement and reach as the rollout continues.

At Word Nerd, our team remains up-to-date on all the latest algorithm changes, allowing us to develop social media marketing strategies that are proven to generate meaningful results for our clients. If you need help adapting to the recent Facebook home feed update, contact us at (609) 498-4223 or request a social media marketing quote online!

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