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Content Marketing Services
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According to recent studies, 78% of consumers place more trust in brands that develop custom content and believe these organizations have a greater interest in building good relationships with their customers. This fact alone is enough to compel any business-savvy individual to rethink their content marketing strategy. At Word Nerd, we understand the value in content marketing, taking time to produce custom materials that meet our clients’ specific business needs. We proudly offer the following content marketing services to small business owners, nonprofit organizations, and private corporations throughout the United States:

  • Website Content
  • Graphics & Illustrations
  • Blogging
  • Organic Social Posts
  • White Paper Creation
  • Press Release Creation & Distribution
  • Brochure Creation
  • Ghostwriting
  • Thought Leadership Articles
  • Trade Publication Features
  • Email Marketing
  • Advertising Copy
  • Print & Digital Advertising
  • TV & Radio Scripts
  • And more!

Not only are our content marketing services proven to drive meaningful results, but our expert writing and design team ensure that each deliverable is 100% error-free. This helps bolster consumer trust and strengthen the relationship between brands and their target audiences. Learn more about our content marketing services by requesting a free service quote today!

Benefits of Content Marketing

With 61% of consumers’ buying decisions influenced by custom content, the importance of a consistent, creative content marketing strategy cannot be stressed enough. Developing a solid content marketing plan can provide many benefits, including:

Increase Audience Retention:

Custom content doesn’t just attract target consumers, it keeps them coming back for more, increasing the likelihood of conversion with each repeat visit.

Improve Social Media Presence:

By creating content regularly that resonates with the target audience, brands are better able to gain traction on social media and increase their exposure.

Generate Viable Leads:

Content provides consumers with enough useful, free information to pique their interest and click through to a landing page where they can begin their journey through the sales funnel.

Improve Conversions:

Consumers are more likely to purchase from brands after reading or viewing their custom content, ultimately leading to a higher conversion rate and improved sales revenue.

Enhance SEO Efforts:

Every piece of content should be strategically developed to serve a greater purpose — namely, to increase the business’ online visibility by presenting high-value content to searchers.

Build Brand Authority:

By producing custom content, brands seize the opportunity to establish their authority within their industry, proving to consumers that a particular brand is worthy of their business.

Decrease Marketing Costs:

Content marketing is one of the most cost-effective methods for achieving business success while gaining compounding returns on the initial investment.

The question for business owners isn’t whether or not to adopt a content marketing strategy; it’s why hasn’t one been developed in the first place? Don’t put your content marketing needs on hold any longer: Contact Word Nerd to receive a free service quote today.

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Why Choose Word Nerd for Content Marketing?

Word Nerd’s content marketing team consists of award-winning, internationally published writers that are committed to delivering perfection in every piece they produce. Featured in such publications as Entrepreneur, VentureBeat, and Forbes, our content marketers excel at earning our clients the recognition they deserve. Through our deeply personalized approach, we get to the heart of each client’s brand identity, learning the language of unique industries to deliver content that resonates with the target audience and drives meaningful results. Contact Word Nerd to experience the difference in working with a team of true writing and design professionals today!

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