The 2022 Google Core Update & What It Means for Your Web Copy

by | Jun 21, 2022 | Search Engine Optimization

How Google’s Recent Update Affects Site Ranking According to Copywriting Quality

Google’s most recent core algorithm update officially rolled out on May 25. In this blog post, we take a deeper look at how this recent update will impact site rankings. You’ll learn:

It’s official: Google’s latest algorithm update — the Broad Core Update — began its rollout on May 25, 2022, and websites all over the internet have started to feel its full impact. Whether the most recent update has your website soaring to the top of the search engine results page or has caused serious obstacles for your web strategy, it’s important to understand why it’s happening.

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As with all Google updates, the most recent core algorithm change focuses on matching users to higher-quality content that’s most relevant to their search queries. What makes this update particularly challenging for some, however, is its targeting of AI generated content.

Websites that rely on AI generated content have reported large drops to their site performance since the rollout. Read on to find out whether or not your site could be impacted and what you can do now to survive and thrive despite Google’s 2022 update!

AI Generated Content Impacted by Google Core Update

While it’s too early to draw any definitive conclusions, there are clear signs that indicate that sites with AI generated content are struggling more to survive Google’s most recent update. One site manager lamented his massive drop in site traffic following the recent update, illustrating a side-by-side comparison between sites with human content, programmatic content, and AI content:

example of google core update impacting ai generated content

What Google Says About AI Generated Site Content

According to Google, AI generated content goes against its guidelines when used to intentionally manipulate search results. This algorithm change allows Google to more easily detect if and when this is the case, delivering only the content that has the most value to the end user. If you are among the site managers who experienced a sharp drop in their site performance following the May 2022 update, it’s likely that your site copy went against Google’s guidelines in some way.

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That said, using AI generated content isn’t inherently a bad thing: There have been some studies that show how using AI generated content can be effective when used to supplement human-written material. Sites that strike this balance may be less affected by the Broad Core Update — that is, at least, until the next algorithm update transpires.

How to Survive Google’s 2022 Core Update

When it comes to SEO updates, time is often the best indicator of what needs to be changed to the overall strategy. However, if you’re already feeling growing pains following the most recent update, it’s best to take action now by doing the following:

  • Conduct a Site Audit: Go through your site analytics to find out which pages are performing poorly and which ones have experienced a boost since May 25. This will help you pinpoint any problematic copy that may exist on your website.
  • Create New Site Copy: Google’s advice for quick recovery? Improve your content. If you are using AI generated copy or simply notice poorer performance following the update, it’s worth investing in a copywriter (preferably of the flesh-and-blood variety).
  • Contact a Word Nerd: Keeping up with Google’s ever-changing algorithms is a full-time job that requires specialized skill and attention. Survive the Broad Core Update, and every update that follows, by trusting a professional with your copywriting needs!

Don’t let Google’s algorithm change disrupt your SEO strategy: Request a free, no-obligation quote from our SEO writing experts by contacting Word Nerd today!

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