4 Ways Responsive Web Design Impacts Marketing Success

by | May 17, 2022 | Web Design

How Responsive Web Design Leads to Stronger Marketing Campaigns

Responsive web design is one of the most critical components to any successful marketing campaign. In this article, our team evaluates all the ways in which responsive web design helps foster marketing success, including:

If you’ve ever spoken to a web designer for longer than five minutes, you’ve probably heard them express the importance of responsive design. But what exactly is responsive web design, and why is it so critical to have a website that’s responsive?

importance of responsive web design

Put simply, the point of responsive web design is to ensure that a site looks good and works well across any device. A responsive website is one that’s able to automatically adapt to suit the end user’s needs based on the platform they’re using and their screen size. Especially in today’s hyper-mobile society, having a website that looks good and works seamlessly on mobile devices can mean the difference between campaign success or failure.

How Responsive Web Design Improves Marketing Performance

When a website isn’t responsive, it can signal to users that the website they’re visiting is untrustworthy, which can directly affect marketing campaign success. The following illustrates exactly how adhering to the standards of responsive design can help improve marketing campaign performance:

#1 – Site Accessibility

Websites that incorporate responsive design principles are more easily accessible to all users across all devices. This allows visitors to more conveniently search for, land on, and interact with the website. In other words, responsive web design helps enhance the site’s overall user-friendliness, making it more convenient and simpler for visitors to make purchases, contact representatives, and convert.

website accessible across devices

Improved site accessibility is particularly important for e-commerce businesses. With the majority of web traffic coming from mobile users these days, an e-commerce site that’s capable of adapting to users’ needs will far outperform those that are not responsively designed.

#2 – Search Engine Rankings

Search engine optimization has evolved to prioritize a number of different website elements beyond keyword targeting. Today, Google’s algorithm ranks websites that incorporate responsive design components differently than those that do not. Since the surge in mobile web traffic transpired, Google has now switched to mobile-first indexing, making responsive web design incredibly important for those hoping to raise the ranks of the search engine results page (SERP).

responsive web design improves seo

#3 – User Experience

Without a responsive site, users are unable to access the information they need quickly and efficiently. Annoying pop-ups, large images, and distracting call-outs can distract users rather than help guide them through the user journey in a way that’s meaningful and encourages conversions. The following illustrates just how important responsive design is for preserving the user experience and improving marketing performance:

  • 61% of consumers will leave a website if they’re unable to find the desired information on the first attempt
  • 57% of visitors will make a purchase if they had a positive user experience on a website
  • 48% of consumers interpret unresponsive web design as the company not caring about their needs

responsive web design improves ux

Because responsive web design accounts for the user experience across all devices and platforms, link sharing becomes much easier. No matter who the end user may be or where they may be accessing the site, responsive web design ensures that all consumers have the same, easy-to-navigate experience. This makes developing marketing campaigns across social media and search engine networks much more impactful.

sharing links across devices

Designing a website that’s responsive takes a great degree of skill to get just right. If you’re looking for a knowledgeable web designer to help increase site accessibility for your target audience, look to the team at Word Nerd for the custom web design services you seek. Our junior PHP and Javascript writers offer the personalized web design and development solutions that small business owners across the United States have trusted for years. Request a custom web design quote from our team today!

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