Why are Websites so Expensive?

by | Oct 19, 2022 | Web Design

Understanding the Costs to Build a Website in 2022

Competing in the digital age means having a modern website built to support a cross-platform user experience. But small business owners can find it difficult to justify the upfront investment for their web design cost. If it’s your first time building a website for your brand, you may be wondering how much does a website cost? In this article, we help answer some of the most common questions related to why websites cost so much, including: 

To rank on the world’s leading search engines, small businesses need a thoughtfully designed website. Content management systems like WordPress have made it easier for small businesses to publish custom domains without professional assistance. However, website designers are better trained to tailor your site experience for higher web traffic and conversion rates. 

how much does a website costReaping the benefits of professional web design comes with a hefty price tag. Sticker shock can leave some small business owners wondering if such an investment is even worth it. If it’s your first time requesting a quote, don’t let sticker shock keep you from growing your business online. By understanding what’s involved, you can better prepare for your project and identify opportunities for savings. 

How Much Does a Website Cost? 

Since every web design project is different, it’s difficult to determine an average cost of website design for small businesses. Many web designers base their pricing on their level of experience and the number of hours needed for project completion. For entry-level designers and developers, hourly rates may fall between $50 – $60. More experienced teams capable of custom coding will typically charge between $70 – $80 per hour. 

In general, the average cost of website design for small businesses tends to fall between $5,000 – $10,000. However, the growing popularity of one-page websites can help small businesses save on their design costs by reducing content needs. 

Why Do Websites Cost So Much? 

As aforementioned, web designers charge based on their experience level and number of hours to complete the project. However, there are several additional factors that can affect the cost of your website design: 

Factors That Contribute to Web Design Cost

  • Number of Pages: The more pages involved in a site build, the more time it will take to complete. Your web designer should ask plenty of questions to determine how many pages are needed for the build. This will help them provide a more accurate estimate for the project. 
  • Custom Layout: Templates and themes help designers and developers complete site builds faster. This helps cut back on the cost of the project. Websites that require customized layouts and coding will be more expensive as a result. 
  • Custom Graphics: Including custom images, videos, and logos on your website is a great way to strengthen brand identity. However, adding these features will come with a higher price tag. 
  • Custom Programming: While there are many plugins already designed to enhance site functionality, some industries require unique programming for their sites. This can mean significant testing from the coding team as they work to develop a custom solution. 
  • Content Development: Web design teams may need to rewrite or create website content from scratch. Writing this content means ensuring it adheres to current SEO best practices so your website is easily searchable online. 

In addition to these factors, there are several other costs associated with publishing a website. Domain names, web hosts, SSL certificates, premium themes, and plugins are just some of the added costs you can anticipate. 

cost to build a websiteWhat are the Benefits to Creating a Website? 

Business owners are likely wondering at this point how investing in professional web design can benefit them. After all, such a high upfront cost should be able to provide significant advantages. In fact, there are several benefits to creating a custom website that business owners can’t afford to overlook. These include: 

  • First Impressions: Did you know that the average consumer won’t wait longer than 5 seconds for a website to load? Not only that, but poorly designed websites have a higher bounce rate. With a professionally designed website, you’ll make a stronger first impression on your target audience. 
  • Competitive Edge: Outdated websites aren’t optimized for search engines, making them harder for customers to find. Custom web design services ensure that your site adheres to SEO best practices, giving you a leg up on your competition. 
  • Revenue Boost: Websites that offer a simpler user experience result in higher conversion rates. Put simply, websites that are professionally designed are better at boosting sales for your business! 

Where to Find Affordable Web Designers & Developers?

Finding affordable website solutions is one of the biggest challenges that small businesses face. When searching for affordable web designers and developers, it’s important to look for a team that provides custom quotes. Packaged pricing might seem straightforward, but these packages often don’t take unique client circumstances into account. Instead, find a web design agency that’s willing to develop a custom plan of action for your brand. 

Additionally, it’s important to communicate honestly about your budget and project expectations. Entry-level designers might offer a lower price tag, but they can also limit your custom coding capabilities. This can be a problem particularly for online stores and websites that require unique functionality. 

At Word Nerd, we offer affordable web design solutions to meet business owners where they’re at financially. Working carefully with each client, we provide a detailed proposal that gives them a complete understanding of all costs involved. Request a free site audit and get a custom quote for website design by contacting us today! 

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